Aspiring for Children


Comments on what was most useful:

Understanding PEPs and legal requirements

Understanding more about the education minefield for LAC

The importance of social skills and relationships

How the Virtual School works

Quality of training and handouts: 10/10

Would you recommend this training to others:

100% of delegates said yes



Trainers knowledge and understanding:10/10

“Excellent in the ways of recognising the characteristics of people with trauma and coping mechanisms….. how strategies can be applied in practice…..”


2019: “Excellent training programme for our students, we requested more sessions!

“The students really appreciated the expertise and energy of the team.”



Comments from staff on what they enjoyed about the training:

“All of it! Raising awareness about the possible causes of every child’s behaviour and employing language carefully and more thoughtfully.”

“It was great to have experienced practitioners to deliver focused and reflective training. It helped us to think about what we already knew and realise that we were doing a lot already! It increased our awareness about the language we use with children and gave us some simple practical ideas to tweak our practice to support our vulnerable pupils even more.”

Rosie Phillips, Head Teacher.