Aspiring for Children
Teacher Training Providers

Teacher Training Providers

If we are to improve outcomes for children looked after, adopted or in need, university and other teacher training providers will want to ensure their students and graduates enter the classroom equipped with an understanding of how relational and developmental trauma impacts upon learning and how they can deal with the typical behaviours they may witness.

However, many teacher training courses do not currently offer this in their curricula.

The training can be delivered either as whole or half-day sessions.  Depending on prior consultation, it may include:

  • Understanding what it means to be in care, adopted from care or a child in need
  • Outcomes for these children
  • What we learn from research
  • An introduction to relational and development trauma and loss and how it impacts on the ability to learn
  • An outline of statutory guidance concerning Children Looked After
  • The statutory role and responsibilities of the Virtual School Head
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Team around the Child (TAC), especially social workers and foster and residential home carers
  • The statutory role and responsibilities of the Designated Teacher
  • The Personal Education Plan
  • Children looked after with special educational needs
  • The use of classroom practice to support these vulnerable children
  • Extra-curricular support and enrichment activities
  • Case studies to consolidate learning