Aspiring for Children
Marietta Harrow Co-Founder

Marietta Harrow Co-Founder

Marietta has worked in the comprehensive system and in alternative education provision. She is currently working with children looked after. She is strongly committed to promoting their educational attainment, inclusion and life opportunities. She has studied the psychology of attachment and relational trauma in depth.

For many years, Marietta has worked as a training and education consultant, specialising in diversity. Her expertise includes learning design, facilitation and evaluation. She was external evaluator for the Barnet Children’s Fund and for the London Arts project: ‘Routes across Diversity’. She has project managed 2 European partnership training projects around community resilience.

At Goldsmiths college, Marietta co-designed a mentoring training programme for leaving care services. She ran workshops across Hertfordshire on welcoming disabled children into mainstream services and designed a development programme for disabled young people.

Her publications include:

  • Stop Violence Against Women: A Resource Pack for Schools 2006 Amnesty International UK.

  • Global Communities: Learning about Refugee Issues 2005 DfID.

  • Freedom! – A Human Rights Education Pack 2001 Hodder and Stoughton.

  • Challenging Racism, Valuing Difference 1997 Learning Design. 

She has a B.Ed. Hons (Cambridge University), an MA in communication and design for learning and teaching (Institute of Education) and a Diploma in training management.