Aspiring for Children
Margie Agnew Co-Founder

Margie Agnew Co-Founder

Margie is a Special Education Needs teacher and has spent most of her working life supporting vulnerable children in all areas of education.  For the last ten years she worked for the Virtual School for children looked after in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.  Prior to that she worked in a large comprehensive school in the same borough and worked with children experiencing learning and/or social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Her original area of expertise was in the field of specific learning difficulties/dyslexia.

The virtual school for children looked after provided Margie with the opportunity to work closely with children, social workers, schools and foster carers.  In order to help children reach their full potential and develop skills which would give them the best possible life chances she advocated strongly for a collaborative approach with other teams who formed part of the corporate parenting network and receiving and giving training  was a significant component of the job.

Margie formed part of The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Children’s Services team who were deemed to be the very best in the country according to Ofsted which inspected the department in January 2016 and awarded four out of five areas of the service the highest grade possible, Outstanding.

Margie believes passionately in the value of understanding the experience of abused and neglected children and through this understanding allowing empathy and compassion to contribute to the recovery from trauma.

Margie is interested in story-telling from the outrageous to the heart-breaking to the hilarious. She believes in the power of creativity as a means of healing and has recently completed a postgraduate taster course in systemic therapy which included a component in narrative therapy. She aspires to infuse her work with therapeutic practices trying to maintain a non-judgmental stance and embrace multi-perspectives. She is co-author of Get Better Grades: Study Skills and Get Better Grades: Maths