Aspiring for Children
Induction Training for Foster Carers

Induction Training for Foster Carers

Including Training For Their Social Workers and Residential Care Workers

Children who live in an environment that values learning, encourages ambition and fosters high aspirations for them are much more likely to achieve academically.

Foster and residential home carers have a vital role to play in supporting educational outcomes for children looked after. Foster carers’ social workers have an equally important role to play in supporting carers, many of whom may not have had a positive experience of school themselves.

Foster and residential home carers need to be confident in their communication, cooperation and coordination with schools and others in the team around the child. By having a sound basic knowledge of how the education system works, how they can measure the attainment and progress of their child looked after and from where they can get support, they will be much better equipped to advocate for and challenge on behalf of their child.

We offer both Induction training for foster carers, their social workers and residential home carers and training according to the key stage, age-related educational needs of their child looked after (see Key Stages Training here).

We offer prior consultation with local authority fostering services and independent fostering agencies with a view to tailoring our training to their particular needs.

Topics for Induction training may include:

  • Statutory Guidance on the education of children looked after
  • Educational outcomes for LAC
  • Understanding the education system
  • The Personal Education Plan
  • Pupil Premium Plus
  • Extra-curricular learning support
  • Enrichment activities
  • School admission
  • SEN and the Code of Practice
  • Attendance and related matters
  • Supporting your child at home