Apps: Home Learning Foundation and Home Learning Strategies
Apps: Home Learning Foundation and Home Learning Strategies

Apps: Home Learning Foundation and Home Learning Strategies

It is well evidenced that children and young people have better educational outcomes when their parents and carers actively engage in their education.
Our home learning Apps, written and designed by senior teachers and experienced local authority educational professionals, help parents and carers to be strong advocates for the education of their child and support their learning at school and in the home.

Each App provides a valuable support for foster carers and parents of children in need and their social workers with each App providing 1 – 1.5 hours of learning covering:

  • Home Learning Foundation: guides parents through the education system and in developing their child’s skills in listening, reading and thinking, and sets the foundations for more advanced strategies.
  • Home Learning Strategies: takes parents through specific ways to support their child’s learning, whether that’s helping them learn to read, spell, improve recall and more. Parents will find out what writing skills are needed for examinations and everyday life and how parents can help their child prepare for exams and revise.

Our stand alone Apps can be purchased by schools and local authorities to distribute to carers and parents and are included for free for those interested in taking up our online training offer for foster carers and parents. This training provides interactive learning, further support and exploration of home learning strategies, how carers and parents can work effectively with schools and local authorities to further raise the attainment of their child, and offline individual learning support.  For more information, please on training for foster carers and parents, call us 020 729 30869 to book your slot.

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