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Designated Teachers

Designated Teachers

Statutory guidance for school governing bodies tells us that:

“The designated teacher has a leadership role in promoting the educational achievement of every looked after child on the school’s roll. The role can make a positive difference by promoting a whole school culture where the personalised learning needs of every look after child matters and their personal, emotional and academic needs are prioritised. The designated teacher has lead responsibility for helping school staff to understand the things which can affect how looked after children learn and achieve.”

Our training is aimed at supporting Designated Teachers in fulfilling their responsibilities and duties in regards to children looked after so that they attain in line with their peers. It will enable the sharing of good practice and preparation for Ofsted.

Our training will be delivered to groups of designated teachers, either as one day stand-alone training or in shorter sessions through a designated teachers’ forum. It may also form part of consultancy practice with individual designated teachers.

Decisions on content will be made through prior consultation and may include:

  • Introduction to attachment/relational and developmental trauma and loss
  • Understanding the impact of such trauma on learning
  • What research tells us
  • Working with staff to lessen the impact of trauma on learning within the classroom
  • Promoting inclusion; reducing exclusion
  • Ensuring whole school ethos, especially as manifested through school policies, supports both these children and staff
  • Working effectively with all in the Team Around the Child
  • The effective Personal Education Plan and how to use it for maximum impact
  • Using Pupil Premium Plus to accelerate learning and progress
  • Monitoring, tracking and reporting
  • Admission of Children Looked After
  • School Evaluation of Children Looked After, Adopted from Care and In Need and Ofsted preparation