Aspiring for Children



Aspiring for Children provides training for professionals on supporting the achievement of children looked after, previously looked after, adopted and in need.

Our training is for all those who work with, or who are training to work with, these children whether at home, in school, in further education, in social care. It is built on the belief that every child, no matter their life circumstances, has a fundamental right to an inclusive, high-quality education which enables them to reach their full potential. Aspiration and hope for the future, built through the medium of education, are essential for the life chances of each vulnerable child.

Our courses encourage institutions and services, through considering statutory guidance and research, to examine their ethos and commitment to vulnerable children and their support of individual members of staff in closing the gap in educational attainment. We can help educational organisations meet the highest of Ofsted expectations.

Our training will deepen understanding of vulnerable children so that barriers to their learning may be recognised and dealt with in practical ways. It supports practitioners in building strong relationships with vulnerable children, looking at how to build self-confidence, manage transitions and respond effectively to challenging situations. It explores strategies to enable children to realise their potential and attain in line with their peers.

Training can be delivered in full-day, half-day or twilight sessions.  Programmes will be tailored, through pre-training discussion with the commissioner, to the specific needs of the delegates and might include follow-up sessions or consultancy.

Our trainers have many years’ experience of working with vulnerable children and in providing training for professionals.

We can provide tailored training programmes and consultancy for:

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